Our offer

Spare Parts Supply

Process Components:

•  Manual and Actuated Valves
•  Pipes, Tubes, Insulated Joints
•  Fittings and Manifolds
•  Coolers, Scrubbers, Pig Traps


•  Turbine Controls, PLC
•  Security sytems, Alarm systems
•  Pressure and Level Transmitters
•  Pressure and Level Gauges
•  Gas Metering Instruments, Flow Meters
•  Seismic Impact detectors

Electrical Items:

•  Electric Motors, Motor Control Panels (MCC)
•  Switchboards, Switchgears and Transformers
•  Rectifiers, Ups, Fuses
•  Industrial Lighting Systems
•  Electrical Heat tracing

Complete Systems


•  CNG for automotive: Compressors and Complete Customized Packages.
•  LNG small scale production plants.
•  Fire Fighting Systems, Fire and Gas Detection Systems
•  Gas Treatment Skids – Scrubbers and Filters
•  Oil Purification Packages
•  Compressed Air Packages
•  Microturbines (100kW Electric, 167kW Thermic)
•  Diesel Power Generators

Warehouse Management and CMMMS


Warehouse Management:

•  Warehouse management and consistence review for saving up to 50%
•  Spare Parts Identification and physical collocation
•  Codes Optimization and Specification
•  Obsolescence analisys

Computerized Maintenance and Materials Management System ( CMMMS):

•  Processes and Workflow review, optimization and monitoring.
•  Accurate forecast of resources requested for maintenance: manpower, skills, time and tools.
•  Maintenance monitoring and automatic scheduling
•  Performance indicators: KPI

On-Field Measure and Tests





Engineering: Design, Upgrade, Trouble Shooting, Retrofit and Modernization:

•  From concept to detailed design
•  Complete machine or single components
•  Virtual prototyping
•  FEA, CFD, FSI, Rotor-dynamics (Torsional, Lateral, Modal & Stability analyses)
•  Failure Mode Analysis

Reverse Engineering and Localization:

 Reverse Enginnering executed on-site or off-site

 Localization of Production in third countries
  •  Assessment of Customer production capabilities
  •  Production optimization in Customer premises
  •  Hardware customized specification in order to maximize local content.